3 Simple Steps to Feeling More Satisfied - Guest post by Corrina Gordon-Barnes

Many of us busy, ambitious people find ourselves charging from action to action like we’re on a treadmill, without experiencing deep, real satisfaction. We’ve achieved, but we haven’t savoured the achievement and been truly nourished by it. I wonder if it’s because we’ve forgotten how to mark the momentous - and pause and bask in the joy of that.

When you approach a landmark moment - like being accepted onto a course, finishing a big project, launching a new website or getting your first client - here are three simple steps to experience the present, past and future of this moment  - and so increase your satisfaction.

Get still on the hill

Firstly, commit to becoming still for a moment. Still your body and let your mind drop into the stillness that is always there, under the frenetic surface.

You have reached the pinnacle of a hill. Picture yourself as warm from activity, needing to slow your heart-rate and rest before looking at what’s been or what’s next.

Listen for that inner voice. It will be whispering this to you: “Stop…. Stay here on this hill… Don’t run on just yet“.  Listen and obey.

What’s been?

When you’re calm, open your eyes and look backwards. From this hilltop vantage point, you can acknowledge where you have been and what you have done to get yourself here. Spend some time here.

It can be uncomfortable to acknowledge ourselves in this way. It can be hard to believe we are worthy of attention, from others but also even from ourselves.

Challenge yourself to stay witness to your greatness. Hold your achievements in the spotlight. Stay present with the momentousness of you and wait to catch a glimpse of pride bubbling up inside.

By spending time here, you are announcing that there is something important enough to be given space. You are saying “This is significant” and, with that, “I am significant”.

We can mark our achievements with both inner recognition (the retreat) and outer celebration (the party). Which do you find easier? And which could you stretch into?

What’s coming?

With the past breathed in and acknowledged, it’s now time to look forwards. Before getting into action, dream up the future in your mind and heart.

What new vistas has your success opened up?

Where do you want to go next?

When would you like to find yourself back on this hill, marking the next momentous?

Pause to journal about what now feels possible, from this vantage point.

When you mark the momentous, you give the results of your actions the time and space they deserve. Your achievements will actually nourish you and you’ll close the gap between action and satisfaction, opening up the possibility of so much more joy on your path.

What do you see from your hill? Leave a comment below.


Corrina web 2 copyCorrina Gordon-Barnes is known as "the guardian angel for the self-employed". She is committed to creating a world where marketing is fun, clients turn up easily, and money flows to those who do work that helps and heals. She provides support, community and step-by-step guidance through two popular online courses, Blog for Clients, and Passion to Profit. If you want strategies and inspiration for happy, profitable self-employment, sign up here for free weekly updates.


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