20 Things You Didn't Know About Me

20 Things

1. I collect aprons and yes I wear them

You knew I was a freak. But maybe you didn't know quite how freakish I was. Aprons? yah. The gingham, housewife kind. It used to be my signature clothing item when I went out to the pub. I don't really wear them now that I'm actually a boring housewife (ha!) but I refuse to let them go, in fact I still but new ones from time to time.

Here I am wearing an apron in the early 2000's, complete with an op shop parka (of course.)



2. Despite being organised, I'm a total mess

If you've ever worked with me, you'll know that I'm pretty organised. I like plans and I LOVE achieving goals BUT I have to do it in my own messy way. I don't put things back where I found them, I scribble down ideas on any scrap of paper I can get my hands on, and I don' always travel down the most logical path to success.

I hate cleaning. I will put in the least amount of effort possible to achieve an acceptable result. Or pay a cleaner :)


3. I started my first business when I was 14

Entrepreneurship is in my blood. I have never felt settled in a conventional job. I'm far too (you guessed it) rebellious. Employers didn't appreciate my unwillingness to accept rules and procedures that made jobs inefficient and wasteful… and I didn't appreciate having to force myself to fit into a box and "put on" my work headspace everyday.

So anyway when I was 14 I started making beaded jewellery for myself. My friends became interested and pretty soon, so did the girls on the school bus. I sold bracelets at markets and on consignment in a few stores too. Read more about my long and winding journey to discover my passion here.


4. I didn't finish high school

Maybe that's why I make so many grammatical mistakes. Ha! My hunch is that an extra year of high school wouldn't have made much difference. When I was 17, I got a job, I got a taste of freedom, and I was outta there. I was actually a high achiever (and a maths champion) until grade 8 when I started sneaking off for smoke breaks instead of going to class.

By the time I was 17, there were far more important things going on in my life than school. I was moving out of home, earning my own money and discovering myself.


5. It took me over a year before I was able to conceive my daughter

Conception was a profoundly spiritual experience for me, and I wasn't graced with the gift of a child until I worked through my fears. I'm planning to write a book about the whole experience in details, but if you want to know more, here's a blog post I wrote for my friend Jodi Chapman's blog about it. I gloss over the deep, spiritual stuff, but it's still an awesome story!



6. I was a spiritual healer before I became a counsellor and mindfulness freak

I did my spiritual healers training on a retreat at Uluru in 2006. At the time, I was the youngest person to ever take the course (at 23.) Not only did I learn a bunch of amazing techniques that can help people to transform their lives, but I also rapidly busted through a lot of blocks myself, and found forgiveness for people in my life that I'd held grudges against for years. It was a wild ride!

I didn't discover Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and mindfulness until years later. All of the modalities I work with are useful and helpful in different situations.

If you want to find out about the Uluru healers retreat, read more here.


7. I'm a stationery fiend

I own about 50 notebooks and the same amount of rainbow coloured felt tip pens. I'm not anal about colour coding but I do try and stick to my rule about 1 notebook per idea. otherwise I get totally lost! I even have several notebooks that are just about keeping lists of music videos (read on to find out why.)


8. I swear like a mofo

I make a conscious effort to tone it down in my emails and most blog posts but I'm actually slowly starting to reveal more of my true self, swearing and all. Fuck yeah!


9. I'm Australian

It's not that I don't know how to spell visualisation, jewellery, colour or counsellor. That's how we spell those words here! If you've listened to any of my mediations, you've probably guessed that I was an Aussie! I grew up in Adelaide. I'm a city girl at heart. Now I live basically in the jungle, at the top of a mountain near the Gold Coast in Qld. I've got family and friends all over the country and I freaking LOVE road tripping to visit them (more on that below.)


10. I believe in angels, past-lives, aliens, spirit guides and parallel universes

Yep. I'm a fully-crazy-spirit-lady. I also started out as a complete skeptic, so if you're thinking about ditching me right now, hang on! I discovered all of this randomness through my own spiritual healing journey and then as I became a healer myself.

I've seen so much crazy shit, that there's not enough time to go into it here. If you want to find out more about this stuff, leave me a comment and let me know!


11. I hate showers

This is 100% the truth. I wouldn't have them if I didn't have to. You see, I get cold. Correction, I am cold, most of the time. before and after a shower I am cold. When my hair is wet I am cold. I fucking hate being cold! Showers just happen to be wrapped up with the middle of it.

And don't get me started on baths either. Nope.


12. I'm a Sagittarius

Freedom seeker, compulsive optimist, unstoppable adventurer (and a tiny bit self-absorbed cry-baby). I make my own fun every single day. If you're into astrology, you might also be interested to know that my mother is a leo, my father is a leo, my husband is a leo, and my daughter, who was due in the sign of cancer, came late and is also a fucking leo! Think I've got something to learn from them?


13. I have 1 child, and that's enough for me

In 2012, I gave birth to an incredible girl named "Dottie". She fills my life with love, purpose, joy and adventure… but holy hell, it's hard work! My birth was LONG and difficult, and resulted in some permanent damage to my body (that I'm still not ready to talk about yet.) I can't remember the first year of Dottie's life because I was so sleep deprived (and I've blocked out the memories of being vomited on every day.) 

My husband and I have done it all on our own. Our families live a long way away and since her birth, we've had two nights out together without her. Even though as she gets older, it is definitely getting easier, I still feel as though I'm trying to regain my identity, my business and my body. I can't imagine going back and doing it all again.


14. I enjoy being by myself

I'm not saying that I want to be alone, but what I mean is that when I'm alone, I am often happy. I don't need other people around me to feel safe, loved or satisfied. I actually really like my own company!


15. If it wasn't for my anxiety disorder I probably never would have tried meditation

I had heard of meditation but I'd never really tried it. When my anxiety starting getting in the way of living my life, I threw everything at it to try and fix myself. The very first book I read about anxiety, Power Over Panic, talked about meditation but I struggled to practice it with only written instructions. My mind would take over. I found a flyer for a local class and to say it changed my life is a freakin understatement. Not only did I learn how to calm my mind, but I met some great people that I'm still friends with today. I even went on to do my healers training with my meditation teacher! Want the gory details of my anxiety struggle? Watch my hour long video about my recovery here.


16. I love Twitter and I hate Pinterest

Seriously, if you ever find me wasting time pinning pretty pictures of people who have lives, instead of just living my own, slap me. I do have a Pinterest account and I drop in there from time to time, but I never go there to hang out for long periods. Twitter on the other hand, I go to for world/political news, celebrity connections, sharing cool stuff and being completely uncensored.

Follow me on Twitter. Laugh at me on Pinterest.


17. I'm an ex-smoker, ex-heavy-drinker, ex-drug-user and ex-slut

I started smoking cigarettes when I was 13 and was a daily dope smoker at age 14 (I gave up at 18 due to my anxiety). When it came to drinking, I just didn't know when to stop. Between age 19-21, I would have on average one night per week that I would have blank patches in my memory due to excessive drinking. I would have no idea at all what I did or said, who I went home with or how I got there. During this 2 year period, I slept with over 50 people and took the morning after pill a handful of times.

I got together with my (now) husband when I was 22 and by 23 I had given up smoking AND drinking!


18. I love road trips

Growing up in Adelaide, I spent many a weekend doing all-nighter blasts to Melbourne (about 9 hours away) to run amok for a day before driving home again. Road trips combine ALOT of my favourite things, good friends, snacks, singalongs, adventure and driving! Pure freedom to me! Thankfully my daughter LOVES road trips too!



19. I'm a bit obsessed with music videos

Haha. Have you noticed? I try not to get too off topic on the blog but sometimes I post my faves on social media, and I make playlists on YouTube of my collections too.


20. I've always known that I would write a book

I never cared much for english class in school but writing came naturally to me, and I felt as though there was a book in my heart. I wrote poems, songs, lists and I even wrote a script that won a competition to be performed as a play. When I left Adelaide, I started a blog. Please don't look it up. Haha. It's self-righteous and dumb, but it gave me a few years of blog writing experience before I started this business.

Anyways, writers gonna write. Just try and stop me!

Blogs turned into more blogs, which turned into articles for magazines and eventually books. I have plans for another 3 books already too!


Got something in common with me?

Think I'm a complete weirdo? Leave me a comment!

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