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Hey, Soulies - I’m having a sneaky sale to
celebrate my birthday (and Christmas too)

Selected items from my shop have been heavily discounted below.
This page will come down 8pm AEST on the 25th of December.

All meditation albums are reduced to $14AU
(usually 35$AU)

Note: these are not physical CDs, but albums of Mp3 downloads
(best downloaded on a computer)


Chakra Meditations To Heal, Open & Align

This album contains 8 transformative healing practices to activate your chakras and restore your energy. 

Track listing: 

1) Base - 8:44

2) Sacral - 9:07

3) Solar Plexus - 8:07

4) Heart - 7:58

5) Throat - 9:16

6) Third Eye - 8:50

7) Crown - 7:44

8) Full Body Chakra Cleanse - 17:18


Meditations For Chronic Discomfort

Just because you experience pain, illness or discomfort, that doesn't mean that you should suffer, worry or live in despair. This 7 track album is designed to help you live your best life possible, whether you're experiencing pain or not.

With healing Native American Flute music channeled and improvised by multi-instrumentalist Adam Page. Each track has its own unique soundtrack created to assist the specific intention of the meditation practice.

Track listing (includes bonus guidebook): 

1) Make Peace With Pain - 14:28

2) Self-Compassion - 11:40

3) Gratitude With Pain Present - 12:05

4) Connecting To Your True Values - 12:45

5) Goals and Dreams - 12:00

6)  Healing Light Visualisation - 6:21

(bonus track) Self Forgiveness Practice - 18:04


Meditations For Sleep

Calm your overactive mind, let go of unhelpful thinking habits and release stress, tension and anxiety that are preventing you from getting to sleep.

This album has been crafted to help you to better manage the thoughts and stressors that are keeping you awake so that you can relax easily and drift into a deep, restful sleep every night. All tracks have soft music and guide you into a sleep state.

Track listing (Includes bonus guidebook): 

1) Body Breathing (Quick To Sleep) - 17:46

2) Though Pot Deep Visualisation - 37:45

3) Thought Pot - Calm Your Active Mind (Short Version) - 25:11

4) Journey To The Night Sky - 26:39

5) Anxiety Rescue Meditation - 16:05

6) Relax And Release - Let Go Of Stress And Tension - 16:37


Meditations To Overcome Bad Habits

This album will support you on your on your quest to overcome one or many unhelpful or unhealthy habits once and for all.

Track listing (Includes bonus guidebook): 

1) Ideal Self Meditation - 9:07

2) Urge Surfing - Short Version - 11:45

3) Stay On Track Meditation - 6:50

4) Expansion & Self-Compassion - 10:36

5) Make The Best Decision - 7:03

6) Gratitude Meditation - 5:49

7) BONUS TRACK - Urge Surfing, Extended Version With Music - 20:03


Mindfulness Meditations To Be Here Now

This album will help you to bring mindfulness into every area of your life, slow down your mind and make healthier choices.

Track listing: 

1) Conscious Breathing - 9:01

2) Leaves On A Stream - Short Version - 6:55

3) Automatic Breathing - 6:18

4) Focus On Sounds - 7:29

5) Body Awareness - 6:44

6) Hand Mindfulness - 6:13

7) Observing And Naming Thoughts - 8:53

8) BONUS TRACK, Leaves On A Stream Extended Version With Music - 20:00


Meditations For Pregnancy And Birth

This album will support you from the beginning of your pregnancy all the way through to the moment your baby is born.

You will be gently guided to build a sacred bond with your unborn baby, love yourself, overcome fears and create a strong, yet soft body and mind for labour and birth.

Track listing (Includes bonus guidebook): 

1) Connecting With Your Baby - 5:40

2) Embrace Your Changing Body - 4:31

3) Overcoming Fears and Doubts About Birth - 18:27

4) Visualise Your Ideal Birth - 10:57

5) Mother Born (A Sacred Vow) - 4:48

6) Childbirth Affirmations - 10:34

7) Childbirth Breathing Meditation - 25:39

8) BONUS TRACK: Connecting With Your Baby (Extended version) - 8:35


YES Quest e-book

The story of a stressed-out gen-Y who learned to stop hating her life for no reason, let go of chronic disappointment, and finally chill the fuck out.

Read my story about when I decided to challenge myself to go for an entire year without feeling disappointed, in other words, saying “Yes” to my lifeaccepting everything that came my way, rather than fighting my reality all the time.