I'll be honest with you...

I've got tons of useful techniques up my sleeve, but we'll probably just end up chatting. That's how the truth emerges, it's how we uncover your everyday stumbling blocks and it's how I help you make big changes in your life.

Don't get me wrong, our sessions are way more than just a chat, but my approach is one of going with your flow, sailing in and out of different techniques as you need them, rather than following a regimented structure. Sometimes we'll jump spontaneously into a mini meditation, journalling exercise or healing session - tailored just for you, other times we'll talk-talk-talk until the key to your healing arises, and it always does

If you prefer to have a full session dedicated to an energy clearing, dream analysis, a deep healing or meditation, or even some business advice then we can totally do that too, just ask.

I'm a qualified spiritual healer, inner-child therapist, anxiety coach, meditation facilitator, past-life healer and acceptance and commitment therapy counsellor. I will work with you to make our sessions as practical or as spiritual as you'd like them to be. The modalities I use don't matter as much as your results do, and my focus on your goals never wavers.

Single Session $150

This can be a one-off session or something you book whenever you feel the need for some (loving) butt-kicking, up-levelling or healing. Apply below.

Book more than one session to work through something bigger! (and to save money too!) 


Quick Fix $380

3 sessions to blast through 1-2 challenges and get you out the other side of them, breathing easier. Apply below.


Big Fix $495 (payment plan available)

5 sessions to tackle 1 big issue and clear it for good! OR 5 sessions to scatter over a bunch of issues all at once! Apply below.

Bundles of sessions need to be used within 6 months.

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